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Chapter 1: Pinkie's New Pet

Warp Room, Unknown

Crash had just exited the fifth door with another crystal and gem as he began to walk to the center platform. At least until the Holo-Projector turned on, indicating that Cortex had something to say. Suddenly, the mad scientist's hologram appeared on the projector and Crash payed attention for what his 'partner' had to tell him.

"Listen up! We are not without enemies; some of them you may even recognize. Although they cannot harm you inside this warp room, they can attack you on your way to the next one. To get to the next warp room, use the platform that appears in the center of the room. Good luck!" The projector shut off as Crash was able to step onto the platform and was ready to face whoever was waiting for him as he entered the next room.

Roo's Waterfall, Mount Wumpa

Crash soon found himself in a temple-like chamber with him standing on a giant stone platform just barely separated by the walls with stacks of books, ladders, and bookshelves scattered along them as well as a giant waterfall pouring from the direction he was facing.

But what caught the marsupial's attention was that in front of the waterfall, there sat a blue kangaroo with a blonde mustache dressed in a top hat, straitjacket, glasses, and was holding a cane on a desk. Crash soon recognized him as the maniacal Ripper Roo, who looked as if he had become a refined being at seeing him currently reading a book from the stack on his desk.

However, Ripper Roo looked up from his book and jumped in shock as soon he caught sight of Crash, which caused his books to fly out into the current. The kangaroo simultaneously glared and growled at the bandicoot, implying that him interrupting his reading was a huge mistake. He then jumped from his desk onto the platform and began hopping around it on his cane, like a pogo stick.

What Crash quickly noticed was that every time Roo landed on a tile, it turned into a TNT square which started at six seconds this time instead of three seconds. He had think fast if he was going to avoid being blown up into smithereens by the armed spaces. He then watched Ripper Roo's pattern and quickly jumped to the safest corner just in time for Roo to stop jumping. At this moment, the first space detonated, creating a path of explosions that ended at Ripper Roo's current position.

As soon as he came in contact with the exploding space, Ripper Roo began his famous hyena-like laughter as he jumped in place, reverting back to his previous self as well as losing his cane and hat in the process. He proceeded to leap around again, but this time leaving Nitro spaces wherever he went rather than TNT.

Everything suddenly clicked together for Crash on how to defeat his adversary by repeating the exact strategy and running to the corner that led him out of harm's way. A second later, Ripper Roo finished his bouncing and jumped onto the last space, which led to a violent blast that disoriented the blue marsupial and allowed Crash to attack him, being effective.

But the fight was not over yet, as Roo launched himself to the ceiling, and fell back down dressed in his hat and cane once again. He continued to repeat the same action of leaving TNT spaces as Crash would retreat to a safe corner, and hit Roo again once he was dizzy from nitro explosions.

The same process repeated, but instead of the insane kangaroo jumping to lay nitro spaces around the platform this time, he leapfrogged onto different tiles and pressing them as if he was about initiate something.

Sure enough, the ceiling of the cave opened as a numberless quantity of nitro and TNT crates slowly fell, soon about make everything within the cave go kaboom. Crash looked up and saw his impending fate falling towards him. "Woah!" The bandicoot exclaimed as he frantically searched for any cover \to protect himself with, but had no such luck and was about to give up until he heard a voice in his head:

'Don't worry Crash, I know about your predicament as of now. Ripper Roo will most likely won't survive from such explosion, so I'm sending you back to the warp room as I speak.' Cortex telepathically said.

Within a second, Crash was immediately beamed back to the warp room to safety as Ripper Roo growled at his opponent getting a ticket out of doom. After looking up one last time, he did the only appropriate thing at the moment: he broke down into unstable laughter as the countdown neared its end.

Once it reached zero, an immense explosion that nearly rivaled the might of a nuclear missile occurred and scattered everything in the cave around Wumpa Island until the peak of Mount Wumpa was no more.

Ponyville Lake, Equestria

A small vortex suddenly opened and faded away after dropping Ripper Roo on the ground, who remained unconscious as he landed. Soon, he opened his eyes and took a great moment to observe the new environment; seeing that wherever he was definitely could not be Wumpa Island or his waterfall home.

He found himself standing near a large lake surrounded by a beautiful meadow with many shrubs and trees scattered around, birds chirping soft melodies, and butterflies serenely flying by. He curiously hopped over to the lake and examined his reflection in the water. Noticing that he no longer had his handsome blonde hair or mustache,  he just saw the wild animal he had been ever since that accursed scientist zapped him with his darned Evolvo-Ray.

Strangely, Ripper Roo did not feel any rage or sadness within him, he felt contented. Contented that he is far away from the two banes of his existence: Dr. Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot.

He began to psychotically guffaw and bounce in celebration that he was now free to do whatever he pleased. Ripper Roo then saw a dirt path and followed it while laughing all the way, hoping to find out wherever it took him.


"Pinkie, I need a batch of raspberry cupcakes for this fellow stallion here ASAP!" Called Mrs. Cake.

"On it, Mrs. Cake!" Said Pinkie Pie, who immediately began by mixing milk, baking powder, and flour in a bowl. She proceeded to pour the mix into a cupcake tray and add raspberry flavoring into each portion before placing it the oven for the appropriate time.

Upon hearing the oven's alarm go off, Pinkie pulled the batch out and put every freshly-baked cupcake into a box. "All doooonnneee!" Pinkie announced in a sing-a-long voice.

"Thank you, sweetheart." Mrs. Cake said as she took and passed the the box to the customer. "You know what, Pinkie? I think you've done enough orders for the moment, why don't you take your break now? Like go see what your friends are up to?" She suggested.

"Thank you, Mrs. Cake! See you in an hour!" Said Pinkie as she trotted out the door. "Oh wow! I wonder who I should see today? Twilight? Dashie? Or Flutters-" Pinkie abruptly paused as her tail began to twitch. "Twitchy twitch! Twitchy twitch! My Pinkie sense is telling me that there's somepony new coming into town!" Pinkie then gasped in excitement. "And he loves to laugh and SMILE! I just have to meet him! In fact, my Pinkie sense is telling me that he's coming from that direction!" Pinkie then took off towards the entrance of Ponyville at full speed to meet this mystery pony.

Ponyville Entrance, Equestria

After a few minutes, Ripper Roo kept hopping along the trail until it ended next to a sign that read: "Welcome to Ponyville." He became a little confused at such name for such a community, but started laughing due to him knowing that he was a THOUSAND times more crazier than a name like Ponyville.

Ripper Roo decided head onwards and check out what this town had offer. But before he could even a make leap, a pink blur unexpectedly tackled him to the ground until he saw the blur revealed to a pink horse with hot pink curly hair (including her tail), a symbol of three balloons on her rear end, and wore a gigantic smile on her face.


Ripper Roo tilted his head and he stared blankly at Pinkie for a few seconds until he rolled onto the floor while succumbing to unrestrained laughter at how silly this pony was. Pinkie's smile continued to abnormally stretch widely at how this 'dog' loved to smile and laugh, noticing how he already had a few things in common with her.

"Oh my gosh, even better! A DOGGY WHO LOVES TO LAUGH AND SMILE, LIKE ME!!! But hey, could you please do a trick for me doggy? Pretty please?" Pinkie Pie asked.

Ripper Roo heard this request and ceased his laughter to suddenly jump into the air to drop a strange crate from his feet that was labeled 'TNT'.

Pinkie became confused at what 'TNT' meant. "Hmm. TNT, not what does that stand for? DOES IT STAND FOR TOYS N TOYS?!?!" Then the kangaroo landed on the crate, activating a countdown. "Wait, why is it counting down?" She wondered as her eyes suddenly widened the moment she finally realized what the crate was going to do. "WAIT, DON'T DOG-"

Unfortunately, it was too late for Pinkie to warn him once the crate detonated, leaving a flash that blinded her that once she looked to where Roo previously stood, only remained was a large scorch mark emitting smoke.

Pinkie's hair quickly deflated, losing it's puffiness and making it straight as well as losing her smile. But none of that could be considered worse than what was going to happen. She could feel her eyes be momentarily filled to the brim with tears as she unleashed them and bawled very hard.

"WHY?!?! Why did you have to do it doggy?! You had so much to live for!" Pinkie cried out as she didn't notice Rainbow Dash come up behind her.

"Hey Pinkie, what's with the waterworks? And I heard an explosion a second ago, do you know anything about it?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Pinkie began to calm down and explain her story. "Oh Dashie, it's terrible. It started once I got on break, when my Pinkie sense then told me about a new pony heading into town, so I rushed to meet him but once I found him, he was just a cutie, wittle, bluey doggy! So I found he loved to smile and laugh like me, but then I asked him to do a trick, AND HE BLEW HIMSELF UP!!!" She sniveled.

Rainbow shot her a strange look, unconvinced by what she heard. "Um Pinkie, I understand your distress and all, but I find that a little hard to believe." She truthfully said, despite honesty was Applejack's thing.

"But, but he was here Dashie! And he exploded with a dynamite crate! You gotta believe me!" Pinkie insisted.

Dash then shrugged, "Sorry Pinks, I just can't. I mean, a blue dog? How am I inclined to have seen a-" She stopped talking once she heard laughter come from the sky, seeing what she thought she would never see: a blue dog wearing a straitjacket.

Ripper Roo then landed on Pinkie's back as said mare walked up to a frozen Rainbow Dash (who left her jaw dropped) with a smug grin and said, "Told you soooo!"

Rainbow Dash shook her head and gave up on any retort she planned to say. "I can't do this now. See ya later, Pinkie." She instantly bolted into the sky and off towards her cloud home for a nice, long nap.

"Bye Dashie!" Pinkie shouted, as her happiness was washed away by anger as she glared at Ripper Roo, who gawked at her with a smile and his tongue hanging out.

"And YOU! Blasting yourself away like that! Are you really loco in the coco?!?! What do you have to say for yourself mister???" Pinkie interrogated him as the crazed marsupial waddled over, and gave her a nice, big lick on the face, that being his apology. And sure enough, Pinkie's anger vanished as she and the kangaroo fell down and both had a great laugh over it.

"Oh doggy! I never could stay mad at you! You're too adorable! But, I know that your name probably isn't 'Doggy', so I guess I'll have to come up with something!" Ripper Roo rapidly nodded his head, knowing that Pinkie Pie was for sure on to something.

"Jumpy Bluey?" Roo shook his head. "Danger the Dog?" Another shake of the head came from the kangaroo. "Well, that's all I could come up with. Maybe you have some ideas to han-" Pinkie paused as she saw something on Ripper Roo's straitjacket. "Wait, what's that?" Pinkie looked closely, seeing the name "Ripper Roo" sewn onto it.

"Ripper Roo? Is that your name? Wait a minute, that means you're a kangaroo puppy!!! Come here lil' Roo!" He happily jumped into Pinkie's arms as the mare lovingly nuzzled him. "Don't worry for a second, because Mama Pinkie's going to take care of you." Ripper Roo slowly felt himself warm up to her, knowing that there was someone who cared for him and didn't treat him like a test subject.

"Come on Rippy, let me show you to your new home! You're going to love your new brother Gummy!" Pinkie said, as he hopped onto her back as she trotted her way back into Ponyville. As they wandered through town, ponies gave strange faces at the creature on Pinkie's back, not that Ripper Roo cared.
Pinkie and the Roo, Chapter 1
So this is the Ripper Roo and Pinkie story I mentioned before right here! Here is the link to the one on Fimfiction: [Link]
I own none of the characters! So enjoy!

Pinkie Pie and MLP (c) Hasbro
Ripper Roo and Crash Bandicoot (c) Activision
Pinkie and the Roo
This is cover art for one of my stories on Fimfiction that I am currently writing. [Link]

Ponyville Street Background: [Link]
Pinkie Pie Vector: [Link]
Ripper Roo Vector: [Link]

Pinkie Pie and My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, and Ripper Roo belongs to Activision.


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